Alex Barritt started his career in IT in 1990, moving quickly through various
technical departments from Computer Operator, Help Desk, Management and
Analyst Programming.

In 2001, after experiencing vast differences in service from the IT Recruitment
Industry, he worked for 5 years in a small agency based in Melbourne, rapidly
becoming the highest billing Consultant in his final years there.

In 2006, Alex created Technology Options, bringing together his past
experiences, both good and bad, to form an IT Recruitment and Consulting
company that is IT literate, customer focused and offers end to end
recruitment, adding value to a company’s recruitment process.

Alex says, “IT has changed dramatically since I began as a Computer
Operator in 1990, even more so in recent years, but the fundamentals
remain the same. All IT projects are budget and timeline focused,
commencing with a design aspect and going live with a fully tested
bombproof system – in theory! IT these days is an essential part of
every business and certainly no longer a novelty to be futuristic.

To me, working in IT Recruitment is fulfilling, fun and to my mind,
common sense a lot of the time. We utilise standard recruitment
process at Technology Options, of course, but it is an inexact science
and matching the skills required on a position description to the skills
detailed on a candidate’s CV is just one small step in the process.

Such things as cultural fit and longevity in a position are just as
important to me as placing a candidate in a company where neither
are happy with the arrangement weeks or months later. It may go
against business sense, but there are companies I will not work with
if I know one of our candidates will be unhappy there.

It may sound clichéd but I have always treated my clients and
candidates as respected friends. For example, if a friend leaves a
message for you, it would be expected that you would return their
call. I have been constantly amazed by how much positive feedback
I have received over the years by just being courteous and showing
a genuine interest in any customer. After all, once the skills matching
and mechanics have been stripped away, recruitment is all about
people and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have a business and
industry to represent.”

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